We are looking for a static and event security who has a minimum of 2 years of experience in the field of physical security.

(Training and courses can be sponsored by us for successful candidates)


Required training

ESO  – Recognised basic life support training EFR-FOPS – Conflict Management LII  >

Teams those who already working with us are required to join the refreshment training every 2 years.



The Netherlands


Criteria for the candidates

  • Minimum two years of security guard experience ESO,CPO,MSO,PSD or equivalent
  • Good command of the Dutch language and English
  • Customer oriented and able to work in a team work
  • Clear criminal record translated to English
  • Self-employed or able to issue invoices
  • EU Citizen


Once the candidate is accepted:

We will instruct the candidates about the rest of the docs that are mandatory to be active operator ( Two phases of theory exam in Dutch is required followed by practical exam).


Accommodation and hourly rate:

We will help with arranging accommodation when needed, however, it come with extra cost for companies as the self-employed and SRO etc. Hourly rate will be determine basic on the CV provided and language competency, however we will provide you with these information during the first meeting on a written agreement


To apply send your CV to: info@transitionsecurityacademy.com