Executive Protection Operator (EP) CPO

We have developed a refined curriculum to educate aspiring professionals on the art of Close Protection Operations. By instilling a solid understanding of the fundamentals, we empower individuals to become skilled and confident in their roles.

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Course Aims

Throughout our program, you will receive comprehensive training on a wide range of essential skills and knowledge necessary for success in the field.

Course Objectives
By the end of this course, you will be able to conduct executive protection tasks professionally as an escort (solo)  or within a team within the low profile and low ro moderate risk context. ( This training is unarmed depending on your Jurisdiction )


Introduction to Close Protection

  • Roles and responsibilities of a close protection officer (CPO).
  • The importance of close protection in modern security.

2. Threat Assessment and Risk Management

  • Identifying and evaluating potential threats.
  • Conducting comprehensive risk assessments.
  • Developing and implementing effective protection plans.

3. Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance

  • Surveillance detection techniques.
  • Counter-surveillance methods.
  • Utilizing technology for surveillance and counter-surveillance.

4. Physical Security and Defensive Tactics

  • Formations plus Embus – Debus.
  • Hand-to-hand combat basics.
  • Evacuation and emergency response procedures.
  • Use of force continuum and legal considerations.

5. First Aid and Medical Response

  • Basic first aid training CPR.
  • AED usage ( Optional ).
  • Responding to trauma and medical emergencies.
  • Medical equipment and supplies for CPOs.

6. Operational Planning and Coordination

  • Planning and executing protection missions.
  • Site advance and route planning.
  • Coordination with local authorities and security agencies.
  • Communication strategies and equipment.

7. Practical Exercises and Simulations

  • Scenario-based training exercises
  • After-action reviews and feedback.

8. Personal Security and Risk Awareness

  • Personal security strategies for the principal.
  • Travel security and safe practices.
  • Understanding the psychological aspects of protection.

9. Communication and Interpersonal Skills

  • Effective communication techniques.
  • Building rapport with the principal and team members.
  • Conflict resolution and de-escalation strategies.

10. Continual Professional Development

  • Importance of ongoing training and education.
  • Networking within the security community.

11. Firearms Training (Optional, Depending on Jurisdiction – Not included in this course)

  • Safe handling and operation of firearms.
  • Concealed carry and tactical shooting.
  • Legal considerations for armed protection.

E-Learning module is available through our international partners that will cover up most of the theory yet physical training with us is essential and will gain you an international certificate

What To Bring With You
Laptop, Notebook, PT cloth, Refreshments and yourself.


140h+ Of Intensive Training


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