Home Defence Tactics

Home Defence is a tactical protocol that encompasses specific movements and procedures, accompanied by a combat mindset, designed primarily for confined spaces such as one’s own residence. This approach is particularly well-suited for scenarios occurring within residential buildings, facilities, and ships, where individuals with malicious intent may exploit the compact and dimly lit environment. They may hold hostages, including children, or employ them as shields, hindering the intervention of law enforcement or homeowners in acts of self-defense.

Furthermore, this training involves leveraging existing knowledge of a location’s layout through planning and preparation. By identifying entry and exit points, individuals can establish effective strategies to counteract threats and establish a cohesive defensive position. The adoption of this tactical method by civilians can enhance home security and protect their loved ones from armed robberies, offering preventative measures while awaiting police assistance without compromising the well-being and safety of their family.

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Home Defence Tactics


The concept of Home Defence Training is an innovative development by Transition Security that combines the tactical principles of small team tactics in urban close quarters combat (CQB) with the maritime boarding and seizure techniques VBSS, employed by Naval Commandos. This unique fusion aims to strengthen the fundamental tactical skills and greatly benefit civilians who hold a firearm license for self-defense purposes. By delving into the contrasting approaches of Naval Special Forces and Royal Commandos, we have gained valuable insights into the “Why” and “How” of their operations, allowing us to elevate our training to new heights.


Course Objectives:

Teaching and refining the firearms basic manipulations in compressed environment and learning the patterns of close combat muzzle handling, movement & mobility, refines the firearm’s competency and familiarize you with your own home vulnerable corners and highlights to you the use of angles and active VS pro-action defensive movements



  • Home Defence Definition
  • The Importance of the defence Training
  • One Man Room, Hall way, Floors Clearing
  • Footwork, movement
  • Angles and vulnerable room entry
  • Door entry, Stairs
  • Defensive manipulation proactive framework
  • Tactics and target identification
  • Two men + sector of responsibilities
  • Home setup
  • Penetration power
  • Appropriate force
  • Firearm setup preference


By the end of this course you will be able to,

Understand the math behind clearing premises at any shape regarding to foot work, tactics and firearms manipulations in the day light, perform these tactics for your property’s defence, project defence and security defensive team work.


Basic safe firearms knowledge is required.

For complete beginners a 25h is needed to complete this training at an acceptable level and it can be booked as a package at your own time.

Price is calculated per hour based on the participant’s experience if required less than 25h

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