Hostile Environment Close Protection HECP

The Hostile Environment Close Protection (HECP) course is a comprehensive training program designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills to operate effectively in high-risk and dangerous environments. It focuses on enhancing personal security, threat assessment, and risk management techniques without specific topics. Participants will undergo intensive physical and mental training, including tactical movement, defensive driving, emergency medical procedures, and crisis response strategies. The HECP course ensures individuals are prepared to handle hostile situations while protecting themselves and others in challenging and unpredictable environments.

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Course Aims

Is to provide individuals with the knowledge, skills, and mindset required to operate successfully in high-risk and hostile environments. Participants will learn to assess threats, manage risks, and implement effective security measures to protect themselves and others in challenging situations. The course focuses on developing physical and mental resilience, honing tactical abilities, and enhancing crisis response capabilities. By the end of the training, participants will be equipped to navigate hostile environments with confidence, ensuring the safety and security of their clients or teams.

Course Objectives

  1. Threat Assessment: Develop the ability to assess potential threats in high-risk environments, including identifying hostile individuals, analyzing volatile situations, and understanding the dynamics of the local area.
  2. Risk Management: Acquire the skills to effectively manage risks by implementing proactive security measures, developing contingency plans, and adapting strategies to changing circumstances
  3. Tactical Proficiency: Develop proficiency in tactical movements, including covert and overt operations, close-quarters combat, and team-based maneuvers, to effectively navigate hostile environments.
  4. Defensive Driving: Gain expertise in defensive driving techniques to mitigate risks while operating vehicles in dangerous areas, including evasive maneuvers, convoy procedures, and vehicle safety protocols.
  5. Emergency Medical Response: Acquire knowledge and skills in emergency medical procedures, including basic first aid, trauma management, and casualty evacuation, to provide immediate medical assistance in hostile situations.
  6. Crisis Management: Learn effective crisis management strategies, including communication protocols, decision-making under pressure, and coordination with local authorities, to efficiently handle critical incidents and minimize potential harm.
  7. Cultural Awareness: Develop cultural sensitivity and understanding to navigate diverse environments, interact respectfully with local populations, and mitigate potential cultural misunderstandings or conflicts.
  8. Professional Conduct: Instill professionalism, ethical behavior, and adherence to legal requirements throughout all aspects of close protection operations, maintaining a high level of integrity and respect for confidentiality.
  9. Team Collaboration: Foster effective teamwork and collaboration among close protection personnel, enabling seamless coordination and communication to maximize security effectiveness and response capabilities.


What to bring with you

Suitable outdoor cloth, eyes and ears protection, laptop and a notebook


Intensive 4 days course


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