Tactical Emergency Casualty Care TECC

These trainings consist of 8 hours each for theory and practice, depending on the group size. We recommend allocating 4 days in total to ensure high-quality information delivery. The training follows the EFR/TECC guidelines, covering the basics such as AB-ABCD, pulmonary and cardiac interventions, and AED usage if available. Participants will learn the M-A-R-C-H algorithm, which guides interventions throughout three phases.

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TECC Tactical combat casualty care and basic life support:
These training sessions span a duration of 8 hours each, divided equally between theoretical instruction and practical application, depending on the size of the group. This approach is designed to ensure the effective delivery of information, maintaining high quality standards. As a result, we recommend allocating a total of 4 days for the complete training program. The training encompasses both theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, adhering to the guidelines outlined by EFR/TECC. It covers essential topics such as AB-CABS, pulmonary and cardiac interventions, and, if available, the usage of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). Additionally, participants will be familiarized with the M-A-R-C-H algorithm, which guides interventions across the three distinct phases of care.


During the training, participants will progress from foundational concepts to advanced techniques, all without the use of medication. The program is designed to be hands-on and immersive, allowing participants to actively engage in various scenarios created by the instructors. These scenarios will involve dealing with conscious and unconscious individuals, managing hemorrhage, performing wound cleaning, and applying bandages, among other practical skills. By physically participating in these simulated situations, participants will gain valuable experience and confidence in their abilities to respond effectively in real-life emergency situations.


Table of Contents Chapter:

Basic Life Support and Emergency Response
Tactical Combat Casualty Care Overview
Haemorrhage Control
Airway Management
Breathing Management
Vascular Access
Hypothermia Prevention
Tactical Field Care Basic Management Plan


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