Improvised Explosive Device Awareness (IED)

(IED) Awareness and Safety Procedures course is designed to provide foundational knowledge about IEDs and proper safety precautions and procedures for reacting and responding to unattended and suspicious items, a professional development training course that discusses the significance and outcomes of IEDs. Security professionals will gain an understanding of how to prevent IED attacks and strengthen an awareness skillset on IED prevention.
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Course Description:

The IED Awareness and Safety Procedures course is specifically crafted to offer participants a solid foundational understanding of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and the critical safety measures and protocols required for effectively identifying, reacting, and responding to unattended or suspicious items. This professional development training course delves into the profound significance and potential ramifications of IEDs. Security professionals who undertake this course will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to proactively prevent IED attacks, as well as enhance their overall awareness in terms of IED prevention strategies.


The Course covers the following topics:

  • The importance of recognizing and reporting suspicious behaviors and purchases related to bomb-making materials
  • The hazards of IEDs
  • The indicators of suspicious items and the appropriate responses to each
  • Your role in preventing bombing attacks


Course Outline

  1. Significance of Awareness Training
  2. IED Description and Outcomes
  3. Elements of an IED
  4. Indicators and IED Detection
  5. IED Delivery
  6. IED Attack
  7. IED Prevention
  8. Summary


Course Completion (optional)

All courses include an end-of-course examination. Students must pass the exam to receive credit for the training.

Certificates will be available online immediately for all students.



This course will be taught theoretically lectures will be conducted in the classroom only.

An online course is available.



This course is aimed to provide knowledge and awareness to:

  • Chief Security Officers
  • Security Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Resilience Managers
  • Security Specialists
  • Close Protection Specialists
  • Travellers
  • Workers in High Risk Areas
  • Duty of Care Officers
  • Police Officers
  • Armed Forces
  • Government Agencies
  • Health and Safety Officers
  • Emergency Responders