Event Security Officer

To educate those who want to work in the security industry at hotels, premises, events, residential, infrastructure, embassies, stations and more.

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Course Aims
To educate and develop those who want to work in the Security Industry static and mobile such as, Hotels, Premises, Events, Residents, Infrastructure and Projects.

Course Objectives
Monitor , Patrol, Identify, Investigate, Respond, Report.


  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Patrolling Techniques and suspects ID
  • Team work and communication
  • Use of communication devices
  • Basic reconnaissance techniques and reporting
  • Venue security basic planning
  • Conflict management and communication
  • Laws, law procedures and the power to arrest
  • Illegal Items Securing and handling
  • Physical Intervention techniques
  • Basic Medical first aid

What To Bring With You
Laptop, Notebook


3 Days


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