Violence Prevention – Self Protection Training Program

The Violence Prevention program is dedicated to empowering individuals by providing practical and modern techniques for personal safety. Emphasizing prevention, the program equips participants with effective strategies, encourages compliance with local laws, and aims to enhance their ability to navigate daily routines at home and abroad. The ultimate goal is to collaboratively create a safer environment for everyone involved.

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Violence Prevention is a comprehensive program designed to equip civilians, both men and women, with modern and practical strategies to effectively navigate potential dangers encountered both domestically and abroad. Whether you’re embarking on an overseas contract, pursuing studies, or simply enjoying a holiday, our program provides valuable insights and resources to enhance your personal safety, with a particular focus on addressing the vulnerabilities that females often face.

Our approach emphasizes proactive prevention measures as the first line of defense. By implementing specialized procedures tailored to your specific circumstances, we aim to mitigate risks before they escalate. Our program equips you with knowledge on identifying potential threats, understanding the local laws and regulations in your area, and taking preemptive steps to safeguard yourself.



  • Self Protection and preventative measures
  • Media awareness and best practice
  • Surveillance – Anti & Counter ( Basic )
  • Conflict Management & Communication
  • Basic Risk & Threat assessment personal safety related
  • Legal & illegal check-points awareness
  • Close combat & knife surviving procedures
  • The Law of appropriate force
  • Medical First Response as basic intro of life support, Secondary Care against cuts, staps, wounds and gunshots

Firearms training is recommended with this course. Reach out to us for a quotation


Duration: 40 hours of training including homework

Participants max 6 to 8 per class for quality purposes


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